The Beginnings and History of Invention

At the beginning of new millennium in Hungary, Mr. Ferenc Komlódi embarked on a difficult task. He set himself a goal to create a material that would not only be light and thermo-isolating (i.e. protecting your home against both cold and warmth), but would also be ecological and simultaneously affordable. 

In 2005 Mr. Komlódi approached his goal so close, that the material was almost born, but its application was not so easy at that time. Then, he met Mr. Tamász Szabo and Mr. József Hoffer, who helped him with the last missing part of the puzzle called MagorTherm®. In 2006, using their powers together, they managed to bring into the world a new and revolutionary building material which would change the building industry, and more specifically the opinion of the population about living. This was followed by many technical and safety verifications and examinations with European certification offices, like TÜV SÜD, through its Hungarian daughter company EMI TÜV SÜD Kft., but also with various universities and the main Certification Office of Hungary called EMI Kft.

How the Name MagorTherm® Originated

Mr. Komlódi, as the main inventor, was thinking about various names, but only one predominately resonated in his head. First inhabitants of present Hungary were actually not called Huns, as it is taught at many schools, but Magors. The name of original inhabitants was connected with the word Therm and therefore MagorTherm® - the new name for the trademark - was created.

Ownership Structure and History of the Company

Before the beginning of the certification process, the three mentioned inventors decided to establish a parent company called Magortherm  Zrt., which had more shareholders. However, the company itself was not flexible and strong enough to succeed with the challenging market of building materials. Therefore in 2009, Mr. Komlódi, as the main inventor, decided to find a strategic partner. It did not take much time and the Magortherm Zrt. Company agreed upon an MBO (Management Buy Out) with FH GROUP. The new owner has restructured the organisational structure and has implemented standard international processes into a newly-established structure with a new mother company - MagorTherm (SVK) s.r.o. The inventors retained minority in the company structure (nowadays, they continue in working on the development and improvement of the system) and FH GROUP became the major owner. 

Present State and Future of MagorTherm

Nowadays, our company distributes MagorTherm® products to all V4 countries and our next goal is to broaden the product manufacturing into all of Europe, Asia, as well as Northern and Southern America. This is not an easy goal and it can also be considered too optimistic, but after our consultation with internationally recognized advisory companies, such as KPMG ( and PwC  (, as well as manufacturing companies in building industries, we know that MagorTherm® products do not face big competition and they also offer people an alternative, which will provide them with more healthy and high quality living with regard to low-cost financing. Moreover, we do our best in order to observe social responsibility for environmental protection, because our products are ecological and recyclable. This may seem impossible, but let us demonstrate our claims through references of our buildings and mainly through the satisfaction of our clients, who live with our products every day. If you are interested, you can find all information on our website or contact us directly via mail at:  or fill in a contact form on the website. 



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